Things I’m Not Proud Of

Certain things cling to you endlessly. They weigh you down. But the worst part of it is you just have no frickin idea of a solution. Certain happening or situation makes you feel like “its ending now” or “its time to be free”. But it’s false hope. Its like a virus that infects, produce symptoms and suppressed by drugs. But it can stay dormant for a time period and when you least expected, it activates itself and cause excruciating pain. Worst of all, its not going away ever. It stays in your nerves. But unlike in the case of the virus where it reactivates when the body is most susceptible, this thing, this painful thing that we’re talking about, does quite the opposite. Its when you feel you’re on top of the world or perfectly happy that it reignites the pain. And even the pain that you felt in the past becomes as real as it was time and time ago.

Of course, the easiest course of action seems to be to run away from it. Perhaps staying at a place far away from the original place appears to be a perfect idea. There you’ll meet new people, strangers who care less about who you were, where you’re from, who your family were and so on. And perhaps find a woman who cares only about “the now you” and won’t even asks a question about “the past you”. But you cannot do all this for the mere reason that you are not privileged enough to be having a choice. You have to live with the pain. Its like you’ve been diagnosed with cancer where even with modern therapy, the chances of remission is still fifty fifty. You may think of running away from it. But can you?. Its in your system and you are not given any choice but to live with it. It will frequently cause pain, take away away your appetite then your strength and finally your life. But what if a great discovery is made of a cent per cent cure. We’ll all run for it, won’t we?.


Cherrapunjee (Sohra)

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Its not long since I met a middle aged man. He has this intelligent look on him. He must be of a respectable status in the society. He was visiting Sohra aka Cherrapunjee with his wife and a 10 year old son. It was a beautiful afternoon. The week long heavy rain had just stopped and nature came to life. My friend and I drove our dirt-laden cars out of town to a beautiful stream of crystal clear water with a small yet breathtaking waterfall. It was here that we met those people. The man smiled when he saw me and I did the same.

“Hello”, I greeted.

“Hi”, he replied.

“Where are u from?”, I asked.

“This place is beautiful. I’ve never seen like it before”, he said.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. By the way, I’m from Hyderabad. That’s my son and right there is my wife”, he pointed.

His wife was climbing the small waterfall I mentioned before. She was successful indeed, but she was exhausted.

I figured she’s lucky she didn’t tumble down. Though she’s young, she is actually risking herself. She is of an enormous body weight, in addition to her inexperience. She from a big city. Her hands and feet and body parts are no match with the rocks and sand of our beloved little town. But was too excited to care.

Their 10 year old boy, on the other hand, kept “awesome, awesome” and awesoming to himself as he plays with the waters. I was sure the boy had never had his hands and feet touched by water from the hills or by the rocks and sand of the river bed. His expressions were of a thrilling and adventurous sort.

It must be “worth it trip” for them as can be seen from the way they look.

“Where are you from?”, the man asked me.

“I’m from here”, I answered.

“You guys are so lucky to be living here”, he affirmed.

“I agree, Sir. And so are you. The rain stopped only this morning”.

“What’s your name?”, he asked again.

“I’m Robert, sir”.

“Well nice meeting you Robert”, he shook my hand.

“You as well, sir. Have fun”.

“We sure will”. Then they played some more with the water, clicked pictures for memories and departed to admire other beauties of our little town.

We continued giving our cars a wash.